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10 advantages of having a virtual office in Lebanon

January 2013 | Servcorp

Today's business requires people and data to be more mobile than ever before. To make the most of available opportunities, businesses must be enormously flexible about where they do business. For this reason, SMEs should be considering the virtual office solution which essentially gives them a prestigiously-located office, local number and dedicated receptionist to manage their calls as well as access to a global network of meeting rooms and boardrooms which can be booked online.  

While this concept has become very popular worldwide for its evident advantages, in Lebanon, it is still a new model who's benefits can be summarized in the following ten points:

  • Presence without full commitment: When using a Servcorp virtual office, you can maintain your presence through a permanent business address, while moving around and working from different locations: home, office or any other location. You can drop in to any of Servcorp's 150 locations to use a coworking space or meeting room for the day. This way you can possess a business address in Beirut, while working from anywhere around the globe!
  • Cost. In a vulnerable climate, often subject to political and economic changes, as are the general prevailing conditions in Lebanon, and instead of proceeding to long term investments which can be exorbitant and irrevocable, a virtual office allows you to efficiently do business without being tied to long-term commitments. This is certainly the best mean to test the markets and seize opportunities without risking major costs.
  • Location: The Lebanese people realize the importance of Beirut Down Town at various levels, and they are certainly aware of the high cost they have to bear for having their business located in this area. With a virtual office, they are able to enjoy this prestigious location, without bearing the consequent cost! In fact, Servcorp is located in the beating heart of Beirut's Down Town and inside one of its most prestigious buildings. Whether you choose such a location as a remarkable address on your business card, your website or as your mailing address, it really constitutes a significant added value for you to benefit from.
  • Communications infrastructure. High-speed internet, a trusted local and international communications network, voicemail, unified communications …, all are necessities for efficiency, and imperatives for competitiveness. But everyone realizes how difficult and expensive it is to have access to such services in Lebanon. But with a Servcorp virtual office, they are all available through Servcorp's global converged network at high efficiency and premium quality of performance, and they are easily accessible at an affordable cost. And, overall, the prices are generally lower than locally established rates.
  • Professionalism and competence. Cutting overheads is important for business owners, but their most important concern resides in how to keep a high-skilled work team, at a lower cost. This is what Servcorp's virtual offices offer: highly professional admin support available when you need it, without having to strive for employing, training and trying to keep the best personnel.
  • Flexibility. The Lebanese business environment is definitely fluctuating; nevertheless, it is very promising and comprises multiple opportunities. A virtual office grants you the necessary flexibility to adapt to this environment without having to endure any complicated procedures or long-term commitments.
  • International expertise. When you register for a virtual office from Servcorp, you would certainly be entrusting a group of international experts, in full readiness and closely informed about the latest updates in their areas of expertise, to provide you with smart office and administrative solutions.
  • Business environment and opportunities. Having your business located close to prominent international companies is the ultimate endeavor of any businessman. Servcorp provides you access to an international business environment; you share your business address with prominent companies and establish valuable relationships with other companies while working from the coworking space.
  • Image and consistency. By registering to a virtual office from Servcorp, you will definitely acquire a prestigious image for your business, in addition, you will be guaranteed the consistency of work at the same high-quality specifications and standards, regardless to the fluctuations that your business might face. All you have to do is to focus on developing your business, and Servcorp will handle the important details on which you will build your business image and continuity, because Servcorp's objective is to help you be more successful!
  • Expansion and risk reduction. The main concern for Lebanese investors and business owners is how to face the environment's risks without having to restrain their business expansion and lose available opportunities. This is precisely what Servcorp's virtual offices offer though their ‘Test the Waters' package: the possibility of testing a new market without having to invest or commit.

Ten points that summarize the importance of virtual offices for Lebanese investors and businessmen, yet, experience remains the best proof!