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Have your next meeting in a 5 Star Boardroom

July 2013 | Servcorp

Boardrooms are where companies review last quarter's achievements, strategize new marketing plans, appraise employee performance and analyze financial performance or make budgetary decisions. It stands to reason that all of these core business activities should take place in a calm environment that inspires professionalism.

Customers appreciate a convenient location and elegant ambiance with a range of amenities essential for today's business platform. However, not all can afford a conventional boardroom, but have the need for this type of office setting at certain stages of operations. Those who can afford one may not have the appropriate set of tools to sustain such a structure or fully take advantage of this internal setup. In such situations, a temporary rental can save money, achieve the same goals and clear the way to focus on what matters most.

A boardroom is where major issues are discussed and concluded and therefore needs to be the ideal size and environment. Furniture, equipment, and accessories are the main parts of a boardroom and the conference table is the star. Its shape is important, as it plays a role on the subconscious of meeting participants. Other basics of interior design also apply. It should be neither so big that it is intimidating, nor clustered, leaving little room for the flow of energy and thoughts. Lighting is important, as is privacy and a strategic overall location or position within a building.

Servcorp meeting rooms, conference and boardrooms are arranged in a comfortable and inviting way that encourages discussion and seamlessly provides all of the above.

5 top reasons to make the move to a Servcorp boardroom today include:

  • The reduction in costs by included core equipment such as projectors, retractable whiteboards and accessible but camouflaged scanners and photocopiers, to keep it all space efficient and visually appealing. Additionally, you inherit and knowledgeable IT/ services and an optional multilingual assistant for extra daily duties. 
  • The convenience of immediacy by being able to make last minute bookings on a needs basis, for spontaneous business opportunities.
  • The ability to foster an atmosphere of collaboration, since meetings and conferences are all about connecting.
  • The power of creating an impression with the locals, because a Servcorp boardroom is a way to project your serious intentions about conducting business in the country.
  • The cyber security afforded to you with Servcorp's technological solutions.

Located in the Louis Vuitton building in the central business district of the Beirut souks and surrounded by international eateries, hotels and banks, Servcorp has a range of temporary space options in Beirut, ideal for both small and large gatherings. There are boardrooms, which seat 8-10 people, as well as day suites, which temporary offices for 1-3 people and even business lounges for a single person.

Get ready to host your next business meeting the dynamic Servcorp way!