News 2013 | Cooperation between “Servcorp” and the “Real Estate Brokers Union” to provide Virtual and Office Suites :: Beirut, Lebanon

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Cooperation between “Servcorp” and the “Real Estate Brokers Union” to provide Virtual and Serviced Offices

July 2013 | Servcorp

A memorandum of cooperation was signed yesterday between “Servcorp”, provider of the world's finest Serviced and Virtual Office solutions and the Real Estate Brokers and Consultants Union in Lebanon.

Mr.  Mesad Fares, President of the Real Estate Brokers Union, signed the memorandum with Laudy Lahdo, General Manager of Servcorp Middle East & Turkey, and Roger Azar, Office manager of Servcorp Lebanon.

Under the memorandum, the Union supports the significance of the solutions that “Servcorp” provides in the field of Serviced and Virtual Offices to businessmen around the world. The Union further demonstrates its solidarity by their business presence in a Servcorp office in the Beirut-Souks district.

Fares stressed that the Union understands the importance of cooperation with “Servcorp” as it “contributes to improving the business climate in Lebanon and securing the requirements of industry leaders, businessmen and investors by providing this modern and easy service.”

Fares predicted “that the real estate sector will witness a large turnaround in sales and rentals once stability has returned to Lebanon and Syria and conditions are restored to normal”.

It is worth noting that “Servcorp” is active in more than 150 locations in 21 countries, 14 of which are in the Middle East.