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Expand your business internationally with ease

May 2013 | Marcus Moufarrige

Understanding the market

Before you take your business to a new market, you must ensure you've invested time in understanding the corporate culture and the local demographics for your product. Investigate your main competitors and see where they are struggling or doing well. You'll also need to study local laws to be certain that you don't accidentally violate any rules or regulations.

Making contact with key players

To establish yourself in a new country, you will need to start building relationships with distributors, sales reps and other key figures in your sector. Much of this can be done remotely, through email or phone calls, but it's worth investing in telecommunications technology that will allow video conferencing. This is a much more personal way to keep in touch and will make it easier to establish a connection with the people you will be working with.

Establishing a presence overseas

Think about the type of presence you'll need in the areas you're expanding to and whether you'll need to hire local staff. You can successfully conduct business in another country without having to leave the comfort of your own home thanks to the excellent facilities offered by virtual offices.

Maximizing opportunities with virtual offices

Virtual offices are the perfect solution for businesses that want to have a presence in a new region - including a prestigious business address and a friendly admin assistant to answer the phone - without having to move their entire operation overseas.

Start expanding into new markets and build a strong international base by calling Servcorp and finding out more about our global network, offering virtual offices in the Middle East, Europe, Japan and many more fantastic locations.