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Untapped potential for virtual offices in Lebanon

November 2013 | Servcorp

With 700,000 SMEs in the country, Lebanon has plenty of untapped industry potential. This reflects national entrepreneurial capabilities that will drive further innovation, opportunity and growth. Recently, there is particular demand especially from telecoms and banking specifically for ICT excellence in business (Business Monitor International). New economic changes and a growing private sector make Beirut a regional business hotspot.

Many Lebanese nationals spend more time abroad than they do in the country, juggling between managing various business assets. There are also many local citizens who aspire to be business owners but lack the capital and have neither sufficient experience nor the time to manage a team. Moreover, commercial real estate prices are sky-high— a 2012 survey ranked Beirut as the second-most expensive regional city, with rents as much as $1,200 per square meter (The Economist 2013). 

A virtual office in Lebanon is a business-savvy way to test the waters before committing finances or manpower. It is a cost-effective solution that assists a business in overcoming the competition, limited IT platform, underdeveloped infrastructure and financing barriers associated with a traditional business model.

A Servcorp virtual office in Beirut provides you with a prestigious address in the impressive Louis Vuitton building in Beirut Souks. Whether you only require a meeting room for a 10-minute catch-up with a client or you're hoping to spend a couple of days a month at a desk, a virtual office can offer you access to 5 star fully equipped meeting facilities that can be easily booked online.

A virtual office in Beirut allows a multiple-market presence and is uniquely well-suited for temporary events and projects because of a flexible monthly contract. All this makes it simple to transition into a more permanent solution should the opportunity arise.

Best of all, easy, instant online signup guarantees that there is no waiting for approval and activation until the next business day. You are immediately operational with an instantly-active local telephone number, low rates and 24-7 interactive voicemail with automatic delivery to your phone so that you can run your business on an international clock. A support team handles mail and calls according to your instructions, in addition to any other administrational tasks. Most useful is that you pay only for resources used, literally, with secretarial tasks charged in small increments so that you're not paying for even a minute extra.

Ultimately, a Virtual Office is big business infrastructure allowing you to hire space and facilities - as well as a premium address - as and when you need them, without the associated costs. Having a virtual office in Lebanon means a small company that thinks big can also operate on an equally grand scale.