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What to Look For in Your Office

July 2014 | Servcorp

Office space in Beirut is maintaining a steady demand, supported by thriving local businesses, but the main question on their minds when looking for office space in Beirut is: what do I want out of my office?

Without a doubt, the most important thing to look for when renting office space in Beirut is a prestigious address. In business, office space in a highly regarded building automatically gives you a more professional image that attracts clients who want to deal with a reliable company. For consumers, professional often translates to reliable.

You also need to take value into account, and with office space in Beirut becoming more and more expensive, the priority is ever increasing. Note that value is what to look for and not just price, because even though you might find office space in Beirut at a low price, you might not be getting the services or even reliability that your business needs.

Continuing on from that point about value, the best solution for businesses on a tight budget looking for office space in Beirut is a serviced office. The serviced office concept is simple: total flexibility, dedicated support, and access to 5 star facilities at the fraction of a cost of a traditional office. These are the features of serviced office space in Beirut from reliable business centre operators.

Servcorp is the world's leading provider of serviced and virtual office solutions, offering office space in Beirut's prestigious Beirut Souks Louis Vuitton Building. But, what makes Servcorp unique, you may ask. An industry-leading, proprietary infrastructure supported by Cisco with the fastest data speeds and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, a multilingual dedicated support team, and access to a global network of premium addresses worldwide and the best facilities. That's the Servcorp difference, and what you get when renting office space in Beirut with Servcorp.